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Back in September, lifestyle blogger “E” of District of Chic shared her favorite fall looks for the office while mixing high-end designer and trendy accessible pieces in her Guest Scouter post. Think statement watches and tailored blouses. Here, get to know the conservative-yet-cool D.C. native.

How would you describe fashion in D.C.?  A sartorial melting pot! It’s a very diverse city with this wonderful mix of old school prep, bohemian, hipster, urban, bright southern style and a myriad of other influences.

What does your blog bring to the D.C. style scene? I grew up in D.C., but I still love playing tourist. I like to share my little adventures to museums, new restaurants and cultural spots along with my outfits. And I’m always on the hunt for interesting new shops and designers.

Describe your style in three words. Preppy, punk, western.

What influences your style? I’m a visual person — I’m always drawn to interesting color combinations and shapes.

Who’s your style muse?  It changes daily, but right now, I’d say [singer] Debbie Harry.

Fashion favorite(s)?  Distinct, unaffected style — I love seeing a person who clearly knows who they are and is confident in showing their style.

Fashion pet peeve(s)? I don’t really have any.

Where are your favorite places to shop around town? I always have great luck on U St. — there are so many local treasures! Anthom has great pieces, as well.

What are your staple brands? Givenchy, Miu Miu, Zara

Fill in the blank: I can’t live without my _______. Hermès bangles

Do you have any style aspirations?  I’d love to style a lookbook or handle marketing for an up-and-coming brand.

What fall trends are you looking forward to incorporating into your sartorial repertoire? Kitten heels, cool loafers and brogues and midi circle skirts! I’m all about sweatshirts, too!

Any style advice for our readers? Play! Don’t be afraid to experiment!

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