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Mar 07

Art Whino : Transcendence Art Exhibit

Beginning March 7th from 7pm – 10 pm in the Mosaic District (2910 District Avenue; Fairfax, VA),   Art Whino curates a special two man exhibit featuring James Walker and James Bullough focusing on body in motion through Abstract/Geometrical studies of Skateboarders and Breakdancers.  Art Whino will be bringing its arsenal of artists to the new Mosaic  in Merrifield, VA with complimentary food and cocktails sampling by local restaurants with advance RSVP . Music is by DJ Ayescold  As part of Mosaic’s mission to combine shopping, food and fun to create community gathering spaces;  Transcendence offers patrons a chance to experience another dimension in art culture.  The exhibit will be presented in two separate experiences.  The first will be a large scale installation by James walker.  The second exhibit space will feature a giant 30 foot mural by James Bullough of one of his Breakdancers in motion with a new body of artwork by both artists. The exhibit ends July 26th, 2015. For questions and queries, please email :














Mar 13

Sunset Hills Vineyard – Winemaker For A Day

Imagine yourself throwing a dinner party for some friends and colleagues. Everyone is seated and the carefully-prepared meal is about to be served. You walk over to your wine rack and retrieve a very specific bottle of wine and bring it back to the table. You remove the cork and serve the wine, all the while being very careful to shield the label from your guests as you fill their glasses.  Suddenly one of the first-poured guests exclaims: “Wow, this is delicious! Who made it?” You try to conceal your excitement, but you eventually give in as a prideful smile slowly washes over your face and you inform the table:  “I did.”


Register now for this very rare opportunity to make your own wine!  Sunset Hills Vineyard  winemakers will provide you with everything you need: blending tools, glassware, instructions, and a selection of unfinished wine for you to combine to your specifications into a blend of your liking.  They will make more of your wine and bottle it, and after a few days you can pick it up, take it home, and “WOW” your wino friends with it.


This special event fills up quickly. Reservations are $40 per person and the event occurs on Friday March 13th from 7pm-9pm and on Sunday, March 15th at 1pm as well as 3pm.

Reserve your spot now, Winemaker for a Day is always one of Sunset Hills Vineyards most popular events, and space is limited.

may 02

The Washington Humane Society 9th Annual Fashion For Paws Fashion Show

The DC area’s most popular runway benefit, Fashion for Paws (F4P), returns on May 2, 2015 with the red carpet rolling out at the beautiful Grand Hyatt Washington, located at 1000 H St., NW. Co-chaired by Gregory Riegle, Poetry Sayer, and Dr. Lauren Talarico and featuring Co-Hosts Dr. Katy Nelson and Scott Thurman, the event kicks off at 7 p.m. with festivities until 12:00 a.m.  Fashion For Paws models will be dressed in the luxury retailers of Tysons Galleria. Four footed models will be outfitted in signature doggie couture by Regal & Pooch and cared for onsite by AnytimeK9.


Fore more information, a full list of 2015 models, committee members, sponsors, and to purchase your tickets or tables, please visit




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